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    Discover the Rich Heritage and Natural Beauty of Yeşilüzümlü (Üzümlü)

    Welcome to Yeşilüzümlü, a historic village nestled in the enchanting Fethiye district of Muğla province, Türkiye. With its authentic charm and remarkable heritage, Yeşilüzümlü is a treasure trove of Ottoman civil architecture and ancient wonders, including the captivating Cadianda Ruins, which date back to 3000 BCE.

    As you arrive in Yeşilüzümlü, you are greeted by a landscape that seems straight from a postcard. The village is embraced by rolling hills covered in lush vineyards. The fertile soil and favourable climate in this region make Yeşilüzümlü a haven for grape cultivation, resulting in exquisite local wines and vibrant wine culture.

    As a representative of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, Yeşilüzümlü exemplifies sustainability and has the potential to inspire others. The village serves as a role model, showcasing the harmonious integration of rural life with its rich cultural traditions and practices.

    Fethiye's Yeşilüzümlü town is famous for its weavings called "Dastar". Woven with traditional methods, Dastar is made using cotton, wool or silk threads. Each piece is unique. The Fethiye Lycian Women's Cooperative plays a significant role in producing dastar and promoting rural tourism and preserving local traditions.  The cooperative, located in the village's dastarhane, engages in dastar weaving, a centuries-old handicraft that has been recognised as a unique heritage of Yeşilüzümlü. In 2019, the Turkish Patent Institute granted it geographical indication status, further acknowledging its cultural significance.

    In addition to showcasing their weaving expertise, women in the village play a pivotal role in rural tourism, contributing to the preparation and presentation of local gastronomic delights. Their active involvement adds a special touch to the visitor experience, immersing them in the authentic local culture.

    Since 2009, the Yeşilüzümlü Dastar and Morel Mushroom Festival has become a highlight of rural tourism in the area. This festival has significantly increased the village's reputation, attracting national and international attention. It has also provided an avenue for selling local products, such as morel mushrooms and medicinal, aromatic herbs. The festival's success has generated tourism income for the local community and supported the sustainability of rural heritage, including the cultivation of endemic plants in response to the demand from visitors.

    For nature enthusiasts and hikers, Yeşilüzümlü offers a unique experience. The village is part of the alternative route within the renowned Lycian Way, a world-famous walking trail. Along the trail, you can explore the Yeşilüzümlü-Cadianda archaeological site. The Cadianda archaeological site is a mesmerising glimpse into the past. Dating back to the ancient Lycian civilisation, Cadianda offers visitors a chance to explore the remnants of a once-thriving city that flourished over 2,000 years ago. As you wander through the site, you'll encounter fascinating ruins, including well-preserved city walls, an impressive theatre, a Roman bath complex, an agora, and several temples dedicated to various deities. The site's strategic hilltop location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, adding to the allure of the ancient city. Whether you're an archaeology enthusiast or simply intrigued by history, a visit to the Cadianda archaeological site will surely transport you back in time, unravelling the mysteries of this captivating Lycian settlement and adding a historical dimension to your journey.

    Due to its remarkable natural, historical, and cultural characteristics, Yeşilüzümlü falls within the Special Environmental Protection Area designated by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change of the Republic of Türkiye. This classification ensures the preservation of the village's unique ecosystem and safeguards its cultural treasures for generations to come.

    The vicinity of Yeşilüzümlü offers a wealth of nearby attractions to explore. Nature enthusiasts can hike the renowned Lycian Way, taking in breathtaking views of the Aegean region's rugged coastline and verdant landscapes. The picturesque Saklıkent Gorge allows adventurous souls to trek through its narrow canyon or indulge in river rafting. For those seeking relaxation, the nearby beaches of Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley beckon with their crystal-clear waters and idyllic settings. With a rich tapestry of historical sites and natural wonders, this region promises an unforgettable journey of discovery.

    To reach Yeşilüzümlü, public transportation is available from the Fethiye centre. Minibuses depart from Fethiye to Yeşilüzümlü at regular intervals of half an hour, making it convenient for visitors to access the village. If you prefer air travel, the closest airport is Dalaman Airport, approximately 51 kilometres away. Bus services are also available for transportation from the airport to the village.

    Yeşilüzümlü invites you to immerse yourself in its rich heritage, bask in its natural beauty, and experience the warmth of its local community. Whether you're captivated by the historical sites, fascinated by the traditional crafts, or seeking an unforgettable hiking adventure, Yeşilüzümlü promises a remarkable journey filled with authentic encounters and lasting memories.