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    Cumalıkızık, an important village settlement showcasing Ottoman architecture, is twelve kilometres east of Bursa, which is one of Türkiye’s major cities. Cumalıkızık is a tourism village rich in terms of natural beauties as well as cultural assets; it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014.

    A Journey Into The Heart Of Traditional Architecture

    Traditional lifestyles are still maintained in Cumalıkızık, and most of the houses continue to be used as residences. In this manner, the village offers visitors an atmosphere that bears traces of ancient times. In addition to the historical homes, the museum, the mosque, Zekiye Hatun Fountain and Cumalıkızık Bath are among the historical structures worth seeing.

    With a history of 700 years, Cumalıkızık is under protection as decreed in a decision by the Supreme Council of Monuments and is designated as an
    “Urban and Natural Protected Area”.

    Open The Doors To A Sustainable Lifestyle

    Easily accessible from Bursa, Cumalıkızık is a charming destination that offers domestic and international visitors nature, culture, and local cuisine in a setting outside the urban cacophony. In return, residents earn income from tourism, thus benefiting the country’s economy.

    The residents of the village maintain and take care of the traditional houses, thus preserving the unique texture of the area. Local people who have adopted a sustainable lifestyle focus on recycling; some houses utilize solar energy for hot water and wastes are regularly collected in the village to be used in the recycling facility. Visitors will find a range of useful facilities as well; the village holds a special appeal for travellers seeking sustainable tourism and a pleasant and relaxing holiday amid historical and traditional architecture, and close to nature with plenty of fresh air.

    Intertwined With History

    In addition to Cumalıkızık’s historical houses, the village features trekking paths, museums, dining facilities, and markets where all sorts of souvenirs can be purchased. It is increasingly common to operate historical houses as pensions and breakfast cafes, which allows visitors to visit and experience historical houses that were built hundreds of years ago.  

    A Unique Destination For Nature Lovers

    At the entrance of the village, there are 2,400-year-old “memorial trees”. Set on the slopes of Uludağ, Cumalıkızık has hiking trails of various difficulty levels. The most prominent is the Fidye Kızık-Erikliyayla trail, which takes about two hours to traverse and features various waterfalls, where nature lovers can cool off in the summer heat. There are camping areas around Küreklidere Waterfall which is a popular spot for campers, especially in summer.

    A Raspberry-scented Village

    A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are cultivated in the fertile soil in and around Cumalıkızık. Local dishes are prepared homemade and are sold in the village square for gastronomy enthusiast and all travellers alike. Raspberries, the symbol of the village, are celebrated in June, the beginning of the summer, with a lively festival that takes place annually in Cumalıkızık.